People who love yoga not only want to look good doing it, but we want to feel good about the brands we support. And the community-minded people – yogis and not-yet-yogis alike – who live in Victoria BC have a particular affinity for supporting our local businesses.

Beatnik is a locally-owned lifestyle boutique serving Victoria BC’s yoga community (and the people who love them).

We have curated a collection of noteworthy local and global brands whose reason for being is to contribute to the betterment of our world in some way.

Look good. Feel good. Be good. Do good.

Beatnik | Goods Doing Good

Visit our boutique at MokSana Yoga Center at 613 Pandora Avenue in Victoria BC to find a conscientiously curated collection of:

  • Yoga wear, movement wear, and casual clothing for all genders: ethically sourced and produced yoga pants, leggings, tops, tanks, bras, tees, wraps, hoodies, and more
  • Yoga accessories: handcrafted yoga mat bags, eye pillows, and more
  • Wearable accessories: responsibly created scarves, socks, leg warmers, hats, and more
  • Jewelry: upcycled and handmade creations
  • Body Care: non-toxic and biodegradable self-care products including deodorant, aromatherapy blends, body butters, bath salts, candles, lotions, lip balms and more
  • Craftware: innovative waste-free kitchen and to-go products including beeswax wraps, glass straws, reusable cups, refillable bottles, and more
  • Art & Home Décor: distinctive objects of beauty and inspiration for anywhere you live, imagine, create, practice, work, study, rest, meditate, pray or play

Meet Our Makers

Foxglove Botanicals

Foxglove Botanicals, made by yoga teacher Amber Fox, thoughtfully blends delicious herbal teas with quality, taste, and a desire to contribute toward reconciliation initiatives within herbal medicine.

Learn more about Foxglove Botanicals »View all of Our Makers »

Goods Doing Good

Yoga & Movement Wear | Accessories | Jewelry | Body Care | Craftware | Art  | Décor

At Beatnik we seek to represent brands that are passionate about supporting social justice: environmental protection & sustainability, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, animal rescue & advocacy, economic justice, food security, immigrant & refugee advocacy, trauma & recovery support, and education & literacy for underserved communities and more.