Brand Brief

Founder: Mimi Roy

Established in: 2010

Made/designed in: Home based studio in Cobble Hill

Give back: Violence against women, SPCA, Rotary Club, Make a wish, Shimmy Dancers club, Rapture Centre , Evergreen Independent School.

Tidbit: One of a kind jewelry and accessories created from upcycled English silver, Turkish copper and Indian brass plates, platters and serving trays.

Mission Statement

Saving the planet one platter at a time



Brand Story

It’s funny where life takes you. If someone had told me when I first began working as a dental hygienist, that I would leave the industry 22 years later to start my own artisan jewelry business, I would have thought them crazy. But, here I am, the owner/operator of Mixed Metal Mimi, now in my seventh year of business.


I have always loved the idea of recycling. As a young girl, I spent many hours up-cycling old clothing into new fashions. I enjoyed giving new life to something previously discarded. It’s much the same philosophy behind the work I do now.  I am thrilled to uncover and envision creative possibilities hiding in well loved, yet tarnished and often dented, vintage platters, plates and serving trays. Turning them into one-of-a-kind accessories and meaningful pieces of unique jewelry doesn’t really feel like work to me.  And of course, the hunt for material is half the fun. You never know where these beautifully etched silver-plated treasures will turn up.!


Each one of my pieces is carefully designed, then hand sawn, filed, polished, shaped, and tumbled before its final assembly. The process is similar with my custom work—something I find very gratifying to do. When someone asks me to transform a family heirloom into a unique piece of jewelry or keepsake for a loved one, it is both an honour and a privilege.


My studio is located in Cobble Hill in the rural splendor of the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. You can find my work in a number of local galleries on the island, and I am a regular at many regional markets. I love the personal connections I make with my market customers, and am often set up to demonstrate techniques I use on regular basis. Questions are always welcome!


It is my hope that by up-cycling vintage materials to create unique and wearable art, the footprint I will leave behind on this earth, will be a gentle one.