NoMiNoU Athleisure

Brand Brief

  • Founder: Jullianna Smith
  • Established in: 2014
  • Made & designed in: Vancouver, BC
  • How we give back: The local artists’ of the work we purchase. We pay commission to the artist for each pair of leggings that sell with their artwork.
  • Tidbit: Our Leggings are made out of recycled water bottles
  • Mission Statement: Uniting cultures one legging at a time

Brand Story

About Us

NoMiNoU is a fresh and innovative eco-friendly activewear brand made in Canada. The label is known for its distinctive designs and tribal print leggings, which feature adaptations of original artwork created either by the late mother of NoMiNoU’s founder or by international artists that we collaborate with. NoMiNoU started as a personal journey of self-awareness, but it has evolved into a collaborative endeavour that celebrates every woman’s individuality and the acceptance of her origins. Our aim is to uplift women in their everyday lives and make them feel beautiful in their own essence.
“NoMiNoU is a gift created by my mother, designed by me and inspired by women everywhere.” – Jullianna

Our Founder

Jullianna Charlton | Founder and Creative Director
Jullianna’s passion for all facets of design was influenced early on by her artistic, free-spirited upbringing. After formal training in interior design and achieving 15 years of success with her own firm, the surprising discovery of her mother’s artwork was the turning point that encouraged her to broaden her creative outlets. Jullianna’s love for fashion and extensive travel around the world inspired her to create a line of clothing dedicated to motivating and empowering women.
NoMiNoU is a fusion of the name of Jullianna’s mother, Naomi, and the phrase “No Me, No You”. The artistic blending of Naomi’s drawings with powerful quotes from influential females makes each range of tribal print leggings, scarves and tops truly unique. Each item is designed to make women stand proud in their individualism.
“To become the person you strive to be, you must first accept the true person you are and from where you originate.” – Jullianna

Goods by NoMiNoU

Shabeena Leggings


NoMiNoU features original artwork, and each artist receives royalties from the sale of the products on which their art is printed.

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