Brand Brief

  • Founder: Jessica Wilson
  • Established in: February 2016
  • Made/designed in: Designed on Salt Spring Island, Sewn in Vancouver, B.C
  • Give back: They change, we are big into ocean conservation. We have given to Sea Legacy and well as The Ocean Foundation.
  • Tidbit: We are an ocean-friendly brand. It is at the forefront of all our choices. We focus on reducing plastic + single-use items with everything we carry and all the clothing that we make.

Mission/Vision Statement

At SALT we are passionate about connection, community, and ocean conservation. We want every one of our purchases to create meaningful conversation around minimizing our environmental impact. In this way, we hope that we can be a part of lasting change leading us towards a more sustainable future.

Our curated collection is filled with sustainable items for a mindful life. We value the people behind our products and what they stand for. With a focus on slow fashion, we aim to build a simple, classic, and comfortable wardrobe you love that suits every season. We design with intention so that our pieces are long lasting and multi-functional. Inspired by our Pacific Northwest coastlines, our eco-conscious fabrics respect our natural surroundings both in source and in style. Designed on Salt Spring Island, and sewn in Vancouver, we like to keep our operations close to home.

Thank you for making the choice to shop consciously + support ocean conservation!


About SALT

You’re an adventurer. Whether that means you are chasing mountain tops, or conquering a complex farm-to-table recipe, you make every moment count. You find satisfaction in the process. You know that slowing down doesn’t mean letting up. Taking the time to be mindful creates a life full of details. You don’t just live, you experience. 

Everything in your life needs to transition from work to hiking to camping and back. When you pick up the items in your home, whether it’s a well-crafted organic bamboo tee or a lovingly crafted pillow, you can feel the weight of quality. You’re home isn’t cluttered, it’s intentional. You need products that can keep up, that can last as long as you do. We get that.

Welcome to SALT. 

Goods by SALT

Tidal Joggers


Dress them up or dress them down – these pants will fit perfectly into any woman’s wardrobe! Made from a comfortable bamboo french terry, you’ll never want to take them off. Fabric  |  66% bamboo / 28% cotton / 6% spandex Washing  |  cold water wash, hang to dry Designed on Salt Spring Island, BC … Continued

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